Golf Car Repair & Maintenance

Golf Car Repair & Maintenance | Trust the Golf Car Service Pros at Golf Cars Unlimited
Servicing the Tri-State Area Including: New York City, Danbury, CT, Catskills, & The Poconos.

We are able to handle any kind of golf car repair required from a flat tire up to rebuilding the engine, replacing an electric motor, starter, shocks, belts, and more. Some of these repairs can be done at your home or business as well. For the larger jobs we do suggest that you bring it to us or we can come and get it and bring your golf car to our state of the art repair facility. With larger jobs this is beneficial to the golf car owner as we do stock many commonly used parts and supplies.


No matter what is wrong with your Electric or Gas Powered Golf Car we will diagnose the issue and let you know what the issue is before we do any work. With our highly trained and certified staff we will explain to you the cost of your golf car repair, as well as the procedure and time frame that it will take to get you back up and running.


Remember, we do offer golf car rentals as well! So if your golf car repair takes more time than expected, we’ll be able to rent you a Golf Car for your needs so that you do not miss a step in your business or day to day activities.


Please call us today and talk with our knowledgeable staff.

Golf Car Repair & Maintenance

A) You can bring the Golf Car to us.
B) We can pickup your Golf Car and bring it back to our State of the Art Facility.
C) Some maintenance work can even be done at your home or business.


Preventative Maintenance is a key to being able to hold on to your investment for longer periods of time. As you use your Golf Car more and more, parts do wear down, and depending on if it is Electric or Gas Powered many issues can arise over time and cost much more money then having maintenance done on them yearly or monthly depending on your usage. Parts wear does not just damage one area when one part wears down it stresses other areas and moving parts as well. This in turn can cause more costly issues as well.


For example something as small as not changing your oil for too long periods of time can cause major engine damage, and end up costing more with replacing the engine instead of just changing the oil and filters. This also goes for Electric Powered Cars, Many working and moving parts require lubrication to prevent wear and tear, and sometimes as well as rust and moisture prevention.


At Golf Cars Unlimited we have several types of maintenance packages to select from to try to meet everyone’s budget needs. Call today and speak with our knowledgeable, certified, and trained staff.


Remember that Golf Carts Unlimited also has a great package where we can store your Electric or Gas Powered Golf Car for the winter and get everything repaired and maintained while you are not using it and this Frees up space in your garage or business to store more of your other items. To learn more on this click here.

GOLF CAR STORAGE: Safe, Secure, and Maintenance free!

Services Included in Winter Storage

Golf Cars Unlimited will pick up your vehicle, complete the service on your car, detail your vehicle before returning to you and delivering vehicle back to you. Additional cost if distance is over 40 miles from GCU. (one way). Additional costs if vehicle needs any other parts besides basic service parts. GCU will inform customer if additional work needs to be done before any additional cost are applied.


Electric Powered Car

Service of vehicle includes servicing batteries(includes replacing or cleaning battery cables), clean and adjust brakes, check steering alignment, cleaning and tightening all electrical connections. Lubricate all movable connections.


Gasoline Powered Car

Changing oil, air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs. Check and adjust valve clearance if needed. Inspect and adjust belts. Grease all fittings. Clean and adjust brakes. Check steering alignment. Service battery and check charging system. Clean and tighten all electrical connections.

Best price
  • Winter Storage

  • $350/SEASON
    • Winter Storage for gas or electric golf car.
    • Each additional vehicle is $250 per car.

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