WOW!  What a package deal for this RXV Elite electric powered vehicle. It’s ready for a new home!  Come take it for a test drive today and you will want to drive it home!!


This refurbished demo vehicle was never owned and has beautiful new Royal Blue Bodies, wheels and tires. It truly is like new!  This vehicle is powered by the new Lithium battery technology. It sports the Lithium 2.0 battery which gives the owner not only a quiet ride,  it also has a hassle free – no maintenance of watering of the battery. Additionally, the car weighs much less than a car with Lead Acid batteries, therefore, it’s more efficient. It also has a much faster recharge time of only 6 hours. This technology has a longer lifespan than the typical lead acid battery as well.  The batteries are known to last up to 6-8+ years. 


The car also includes some awesome features and accessories: it has a 54” top assembly, folding windshield, rear seat kit, sporty aluminum wheels, headlights, taillights and brake lights, state of charge meter, horn and a USB port. 


This “ready to purchase” vehicle also has independent front suspension, induction motor braking system & automatic electro magnetic parking brake.  


Call or stop by to take a test-drive today!


1 year warranty!

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